Team New Zealand is managed by its Executive Committee (ARD-EC), made up of skaters, officials, and volunteers throughout New Zealand. The Executive Committee members for the 2018 campaign are as follows:

  • Ren Myers (Arse’n’all) – Chairwoman
  • Murielle Baker (Sugar Hit) – Executive Committee member
  • Justine Saunders (Justass For All) – Executive Committee
  • Kenzie Sparrow (Ana Phylaxis) – Executive Committee
  • Kay Newton (Evil K. Neevil) – Executive Committee
  • Veronica Diamond – Executive Committee
  • Catherine Caudwell (Bubble O’Kill) – Executive Committee

Reporting to the Executive Committee is the Team New Zealand Roller Derby Coaching Committee, responsible for managing the squad’s trainings, games, selections, travel, and more.

  • Melissa Waggoner (Mick Swagger) – Coaching Manager
  • Renee Sides (Bruiser) – Assistant Coach
  • Justine Saunders (Justass For All) – Assistant Coach
  • Kenzie Sparrow (Ana Phylaxis) – Team Manager
  • Murielle Baker (Sugar Hit) – Team Selector
  • Kerryn Findlater (Baddy) – Team Selector

Several members of the Executive Committee also perform wider functions for Team New Zealand, alongside other volunteers. They include:

  • Caitlin Burns (Hellvetica) – Branding Manager
  • Jody Jackson (VerucAssault) – Finance Manager
  • Murielle Baker (Sugar Hit) – Media Manager
  • Rachael Riley (Papercut) – Roller Derby Nations Committee representative
  • Marlow Edwards (Purple Parfait) – Officials Coordinator